Developing Ourselves For You!

We love reading books in depth and travelling to other cities looking for inspirations. We feel great visiting other cocktail bars, talking to bartenders and sharing information and technics on cocktail making to keep growing. We also love diving into websites with the latest news.

We try to attend as many bar shows and masterclasses as possible, whether from spirit/liquor brands or other successful bartenders to keep us on top of the wave. All of this gives us, perceptions, vision, a “know how” and knowledge that although we may not use right away but it complete us as bartenders and will be helpfull creating a cocktail for future menus.

We spend an enormous amount of time doing special preparations for our cocktails. When preparing homemade ingredients for our cocktails we always follow the same line of work to get consistency. That involves meassuring, weighting and using alcohol and sugar meters to ensure every batch is as closest as it can be to the original recipe.

Aging cocktails, ice carving, foams, doing shrubs, elaborating cordials, macerations, infusions, re-distilling, bain marie / vacuum sealer flavours extrations, producing citrus oil saccharums or making house syrups is a way of enjoying, gaining experience on technics and making our “everyday” be real fun. This is what make us develop ourselves on a long term, looking for new flavours, textures or technics to be used.