Great Environment

Atmosphere at a bar it’s that overall feeling and vibe the bar has. There are different lines by which a bar has a great atmosphere. Let´s see!

Deco and lighting

Warm colours make customers feel comfy and cozy. This is one of the things we thought when decorating our bar. It had to be warm! We took the decision of having a wall made out of antique bricks and the rest painted on “burgundy red”. The lighting was clear to us from the very beginning too. Low lighting would help to enhance that feeling of mental comfort. So as the night progresses, we bring lights down.


Definetly this is key to create a great environment. After weeks playing different styles, we found a real match to the rest of the bar. Jazz, Easy Listening, Blues, Funk, Soul, and electro-swing are the styles of music that define our playlists. We don´t play loud music so guests can enjoy their conversations. We feel great that we receive an enormous amount of positive comments, whether in-site or through reviews regarding our music.

The Bar Team

This is probaly one of the most important if not the most. Bar staff through personality, top service and good work make such a difference in any bar. Our bar staff is always hired because of their personality and habilities. We spend as much time as needed training them in every aspect of the bar and offering them every tool needed so they can develop their job in a relax and self-confident manner.

With lots of cash, an impressive bar can be built but if it lacks of trained, efficient, polite and happy staff, it´s most likely that success will be hard to reach. This is the key for guests to have a great experience, therefore a happy mood throughout their stay.