The Best Place To Meet Friends

We live on current times were meeting friends can become a hard task. Friendships are surely healthy, it can boost happiness, they can create a sense of belonging and can improve self-confidence. Meeting new people or just having a great time to break our routine is surely a way of realising and reducing stress from our day-to-day in cities like Madrid.

Since bars existed, they have been a first choice place to meet friends and socialise. Sometimes is like an open window to forget our issues and have that very great moment sharing with friends or just alone. Small or large groups of friends are welcome to enjoy the experience at Baton Rouge. We certainly care about everyone entering the bar and we make sure you get a great service.

Since we opened, we have seen a great number of guests that entered the bar alone but left with people to continue the party somewhere else. We´ve also have had many people coming alone and staying hours talking with us. That´s the magic at Baton Rouge. So if you come by yourself, you must know you won´t be alone!